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To make areservation, acreditcard numberisrequired.


1 /Inlow season(November 1st toMarch 31st):

If the cancellation occursmore than 48hours before your arrival, no compensationwill betaken.

2 /Inhigh season(April 1st toOctober 31st):

-If the cancellation occursmore than 14days before your arrival,no compensation will be taken,

-Ifyou cancelmore than 7days before your arrival,20 €fees will be taken,

-If cancellation occurswithin 7days of your arrival,30%of the total staywill be taken,with a maximum of€ 150.

*** Arrival anddeparture***

Theroom will be availablefrom 3pm on yourarrival day.

The roommust befree before12:00pmon the day of your departure.

Access tothe poolis strictly reserved forhotel's guests.

The balance of yourstay will berequired uponyour departure.

Ifyou want to modifyan existing reservation,please contact usat:

Tel:+334 94 80 10 10

Fax:+334 94 77 22 61

You can alsocontact us bye-mail  HERE .



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